Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Behold, The Power of Maniacal Hooting

One month ago Maniacal Hooting told you about the Commonwealth's plan to use federal stimulus money to buy Patriot's owner Robert Kraft a footbridge. Now, under pressure from the outraged citizenry, who quite possibly* were inspired by reading this very blog, the government has abruptly changed plans. The Obama administration has told Governor Patrick that using federal money to reward wealthy supporters might not look too good. Huzzah! The day is saved and integrity is restored to government service.

The project, however, will go on. Deval Patrick has said that the state will find alternative public funding to get this footbridge built across Route 1. I suppose you think that means state tax dollars. Silly taxpayer. This is Massachusetts. We'll find a way to get the rest of you to pay for it. That's how we roll.

*The possibility is roughly the same as catching a meteorite on the same day you win the lottery, but it is definitely there.

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