Monday, November 9, 2009

Patriotic Stimulation

A big thank you will soon be due to American taxpayers from our favorite local football team, the New England Patriots. Governor Patrick wants to spend $9,000,000 of stimulus money to build a footbridge that will connect parking lots at Gillette Stadium and the Patriot Place shopping-dining-spa-entertainment-museum-hotel-shooting range-outpatient clinic. This will make it much easier for Pats fans to cross Route One and enjoy the spectacle of their team crushing another foe.

Just a few years ago this would never have been possible. In those dark days the deluded people who ran things in the Commonwealth thought that spending public money on a private investment was an outrage. Government, it was thought, should not be in the business of giving our money away. While other states went into debt to build new stadiums, the leaders of the General Court let it be known that if the Patriots wanted to build a new facility, they would have to do it with their own money. Taxpayers would kick in to widen the highway in the area, but Mr Kraft would have to spend his own money for his new stadium. He did, and it is a very nice place.

Today, we are much more enlightened. Now we know that to stimulate the economy the government should borrow billions of dollars and spend it on all sorts of projects. Besides, it's not like we're paying for it. It will be our children and grandchildren. That, my friends, is change we can believe in. Together, we can give millions to The Kraft Group to stimulate the economy, create jobs, and make game day just a little nicer. Thank you taxpayers. You're all Patriots now.

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