Sunday, June 21, 2009

Trivial Hoot Three

In our last trivial installment I asked for the identity of the man on the horse across the street from Boston's State House. The correct answer was provided by official smart person and musical blogger David Rupp, who identified Col. Robert Gould Shaw, a great Bay Stater and all-around hero. Our winner receives a big hoot, may he use it in good health.

Today is the first day of summer. When I think summer I think heat, and when I think heat, I think about the planet Vulcan. You might think about beaches and bikinis, but I think about Vulcan. Yes, that is a little sad, I know. Anyway, here's our question, and as always the first person to get it right wins a big darn hoot.

In how many episodes of the original series did the Enterprise visit the planet Vulcan?

That's it. Real easy for any decent trekkie.


Lynn said...

Ummm... I might be about to embarrass myself here but I can only remember one episode on Vulcan. That's my answer - one.

Glenn Whidden said...

Hi Lynn, sorry, but the answer is not one.

Glenn Whidden said...
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Glenn Whidden said...

The answer is now posted here.