Monday, June 15, 2009

Slowly Pottering About

There is really no point in writing about Harry Potter books. I'm pretty sure that everything worth writing about them has been written. A Google search for the name “Harry Potter” comes up with over 90 million hits. That's about ten times more then you'll find for “Oprah Winfrey.” It's kind of popular. Never one to leave a dead horse unbeaten, I thought I'd just put my one and a half cents in on the subject, having just gotten around to reading the fifth book, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix.

I like these Potter books. I have a few quibbles with Rowling's style now and again, but nothing serious. The characters are engaging and well drawn. Watching them change and grow as the series progresses is interesting. The adventure is exciting. The story seems to be getting darker with each book. It took a decidedly grimmer turn in book four and things got seriously nasty in this one. Very interesting and surprisingly complex.

Yeah, I'm probably the last grown-up who enjoys the books who hasn't read them all yet. I am, perhaps, a little slow. Maybe I should see about those movies one of these days.

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