Sunday, June 13, 2010

Trivial Hoot Twelve

Hello again my brilliant puzzlers. Our last question was answered in record time by the newest Steely-Eyed Missile Man, t4tudor, who knew that Edward V and Edward VIII were the only English kings never to be crowned.

This time we're going in a different direction and quizzing you on sports. I'm not usually one for sports trivia but the subject of this one transcends mere games.

As always the first person to get it right will receive a big hoot and will join our roll of honor as a Steely-Eyed Missile Man or Woman.

Here are four teams for you to consider. The Bruins, the Capitals, the Dodgers, and the Lions. Each of these professional teams was the first to do something in their respective sport. What was the significant thing that each of these teams did first?

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