Saturday, March 13, 2010

Stupid Daylight Stupid Savings Stupid Time

Oh joy. We get to “spring ahead” tonight. We get to lose an hour of sleep. Tomorrow at 11:00 we'll all agree that it's really noon, even though we know it isn't so. Why? So we have more time to get the crops in? So we have more daylight by which to work?

We have electricity now dammit! And if you want more daylight in your waking hours, get up earlier and got to bed earlier too. It will make you healthy, wealthy, and wise, or so I'm told.

I watched a plumber working in our basement the other day (yes, I love work, I can watch it for hours). At one point he needed to run a pipe between two joints. They were three feet apart, but the pipe he had on hand was two inches short. He was about to go up to his truck when I told him he could use daylight savings to lengthen it on the spot. All he had to do was cut two inches off of one end, add that to the other end, and et voilà, it will be the right size. Worked like a charm, of course.

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