Monday, March 29, 2010

Sign My Petition

I have created an online petition. This is a matter of great importance and I do hope you will help me reach the goal of half a million signatures. Here is the message that we need to give to the studios, loud and clear:

Whereas the major studios have told us that movies are better in 3-D, and whereas My Dinner With Andre is a fine film made with the outdated technology of its time, and whereas it would surely be better fully realized in 3-D, we, the undersigned, request and demand that Andre Gregory and Wallace Shawn recreate their roles and remake My Dinner With Andre using today's 3-D process so that we can finally see this movie as it was obviously meant to be seen.

Right then, who's with me?


Jaquandor said...

You seriously want to see enormous 3D close-ups of Wallace Shawn? What did you eyes do to you, that you would treat them so?

Glenn Whidden said...

Wallace Shawn--The Imax Experience!