Monday, January 25, 2010

Strange January

It has been quite a month so far. It started with me getting sick. I haven't had a cold in years, so I guess I was due, but that thought didn't comfort me. While I should have been drinking fluids and getting bed rest, there was a problem at work -- a partial ceiling collapse. That was all kinds of fun. Once that was taken care of I had jury duty. I had to serve, and that was no fun at all. I'll tell you about it in a few days. Then we had a special election here in the Bay State. You may have heard something about it. That same week my computer died. The repair estimate was roughly the same as what I had paid for the thing. New computer time, so I'm way the heck over budget for the month, of course. Then, finally, a business trip. And just so you know, I hate travel.

Today's low point: rough weather in a Dash-8. Getting bounced around in my seat and being pulled in odd directions is not my idea of fun.

Today's high points: rainbows. I saw the first one out the window of the plane. It was small in size, brief in duration, below me, and a perfect circle. It was a pretty thing. The second was quite large and even more brief, spotted up a hill at the end of a street above me. I walked toward it to get a better look, but it faded away as I reached the end of the road.

No pot of gold either time.

Normality, one hopes, will be returning soon.

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