Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Say Hello to Our Little Friend

Nobody knows, the trouble I seen . . .

Who is this jailbird cat, and why is she in the slammer?

Well, it's not exactly the slammer. It's the Animal Rescue League of Boston, and she's on the inside because she was living rough on the streets. And she was rattling her cage, looking for a home.

A box of . . . insert your own Schrödinger joke here.

So we brought a box home. When we opened the box, a little black and white cat began investigating every inch of our apartment (a/k/a The Secret Headquarters for World Domination).

What the . . . where am I?

After a while she began to settle down. She found the litter box, which was a relief for all of us. She found her new food dishes. She even began to play.


And then, eventually, this little wanderer began to settle down, just a bit.

This isn't too bad, actually.

It seems that The Secret Headquarters is now a home. Now all we have to do is to get her to tell us her name. 


Kali the Cat said...

WONDERFUL ! Adopted cats are the best. She's so lucky to have a loving & caring home with lots of love and warmth. She will repay with her own love.

Enjoy your special time with her. And THANK YOU for adopting a pet!!

Pat Tillett said...

If she does give you a name, you know it will be an alias, right?

Good on you for adopting this little cutie. It's been a couple of months since you adopted here, she's probably taken over (your hearts, if nothing else) by.