Wednesday, September 1, 2010

August 32 Again

Yesterday's annual celebration of Mootday went off without a hitch, as usual. Breakfast was eaten at around breakfast time. Crossword puzzles were completed in short order and we all gathered at the diner to discuss the Mootday Parade. With budgets tight this year it was decided that we would only have local high school bands perform, and that was pretty much okay with everybody except for Ed Brickellhause, who lobbied hard for the inclusion of an Irish bagpipe band that he quite liked. Martha Little said the thing could be classed up by including a string quartet on the back of a flatbed and everybody said that it would be very nice. As a twist on the usual acrobats and such we all agreed that shooting a guy out of a cannon would be swell. As always clowns of all sorts, including whiteface, auguste, tramp, rodeo, harlequin, mime, jester, and politician, would be strictly prohibited.

This supremely unimportant discussion complete, lunch was eaten, with many cheeseburgers, clam plates, grilled cheese sandwiches, and hot dogs consumed. Mac and cheese was also a popular choice. Pies included apple, blueberry, lemon meringue, and strawberry-rhubarb. After this some chose to walk in the park while others retired to front porches. The breeze was shot.

In the evening fireworks were discussed. This went on until we all ran out of beer at which point we all went on up to bed.


Brian said...

My son posted August 32 on a work document and was fired for doing so.

Glenn Whidden said...

Woah. Harsh. And completely against the spirit of Mootday.