Saturday, April 17, 2010

From Out of the West . . .

I've decided that if I couldn't live in New England I would choose to move to Portland, Oregon. Why? Here is the cover of the latest issue of the Portland Mercury.

Yes, it is Betty White in a metal bikini, wielding a flaming chainsaw, and riding a John Ritter centaur with an erupting volcano in the background. The Mercury asked it's readers what they would like to see on the cover and then had an artist realize their wish. I tip my hat to you Portland. That's a fine bit of weirdness.


Melissa said...

CLASSIC! I love it! I'm totally ready to move to Portland too, now that Arizona has taken a turn from crazy to completely mother-flipping ape-poop crazy.

Glenn Whidden said...

I may be wrong, but I've read that in your state you must always look American in public, or the police can demand to see your papers.

That strikes me as a bit odd. I suggest you try to look as American as possible. Go for sandals with black socks or shop the Lands' End catalog. Chew gum and speak loudly.

And make sure your papers are in order . . . just in case.