Tuesday, September 1, 2009

August 32

Did you have a good Mootday? We sure did. The traditional Mootday Breakfast of cold cereal and milk was enlivened this year with the addition of dried raspberries. And there was much rejoicing.

The annual discussion of a possible Mootday Parade was glorious. Several bands were discussed, including one fairly exciting high-stepping troupe of youths, as well as the famous Top Secret Swiss Drum Corps and at least one band that featured a cello section. Ragtime and klezmer musicians would be included. There would be acrobats and a guy on stilts, but clowns were to be excluded. This ban extended to professional politicians.

After the parade people retired to their front porches, where lemonade, iced tea, or good beer was consumed. Some chose to stroll through the park and sit on the grass. Ice cream vendors nearly ran out of cones. Jimmies were plentiful. In the evening diners, clam shacks, and roast beef joints were all crowded with hungry celebrants. The relative merits of fireworks were discussed. Most agreed that the ones that look sort of like chrysanthemums were pretty.

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