Thursday, November 20, 2008


I'm bored with this. That's probably because it is boring. My life, in general, is boring. I wouldn't want to read it. I certainly don't want to write it. Instead I think I'll just write occasionally about things that interest me.

To tell you the truth, not much interested me today. I was tired. I needed a rest, so I took it. That's not much to be very excited about, but it is so.

I guess the big thrill today was trying a brand of pasta called Dreamfields. I'm not sure how this “digestible carbohydrates” thing works, but I figured I'd try it. It sounds too good to be true, and I'm nothing if not skeptical.

My first experiment has been a success. My preprandial reading was 112. An hour and twenty minutes postprandial was 115. That ain't bad. I'm encouraged enough to try it again. Next time I'll test after just an hour.

What surprised me was the taste. It tasted like, well, pasta. I've had some whole wheat pastas. They're not bad, but they have a sort of whole wheaty taste. This stuff was just regular old spaghetti. And I like spaghetti.

I think I'll hold my next experiment tomorrow. I've got leftovers.

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